Accent Prime - The Most Advanced Platform for Aesthetic Enhancement

Superficial Heating
Creates local, superficial dermal heating on delicate areas, such as the face.

Deep Heating
Delivers deep thermal energy to selected targeted areas to create heat and friction for optimal results.

Combining deep high energy technology with a mechanical applicator , you can control depth of energy penetration in the subcutaneous tissue for the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

Ultra Sound
Features Ultrasound Shear Wave technology to selectively target areas while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. Practitioners use “Hot” ultrasound mode to decrease fat while increasing patient comfort.

Using proprietary microplasma pixel technology (MPP) ResuRFace is designed to both ablate and heat the skin for superior skin resurfacing of all skin types.

Microplasma Pixel RF

UltraSpeed Applicator

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Focused Concentrated Energy to control Successful Clinical Outcomes True Power, Real Results
Patented Alma Unipolar technology allows for focused, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths of penetration. Unipolar technology operates via a single electrode delivering concentrated RF energy that reaches deeper layers of the skin with minimal discomfort and NO downtime.

Effective Dielectric Heating Using Proprietary Unipolar Technology
Accent Prime features dielectric heating, a unique mechanism whereby concentrated radio frequency energy is transmitted directly to the tissue causing a rapid rotation of water molecules at a frequency of 40.68 MHz. This rotation generates heat and friction causing volumetric contraction.

Smooth skin. Glowing radiance.

Over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll as visual imperfections begin to appear. Accent Prime offers customized treatments for
cellulite and skin resurfacing that reveal your natural beauty – with visible, reliable, lasting results. Multiple clinical studies and thousands of satisfied patients have proven Accent Prime’s safety and effectiveness.

Immediate results


Virtually pain free


Fast treatments


No downtime


Works on all skin types

The Treatments

The dimpled, lumpy skin associated with cellulite is a challenging concern. Numerous remedies are available, but most are ineffective. Accent Prime offers a clinically-proven solution that temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Over time, the smooth texture and volume of youthful skin give way to signs of aging such as fine lines. Accent Prime uses high RF energy to revitalize
mature skin of the face and body, enhancing your natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Skin Resurfacing
As we age, the tone and texture of our skin changes, causing our appearance to look dull and drab. Accent Prime uses MicroPlasma Pixel (MPP) Technology technology to smooth out and balance the skin – improving overall skin tone and texture.

Clinical Results

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