Alternative Medicine in Miami Beach

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Alternative medicine is now considered a viable healing choice among all age groups. When traditional medicine has been tried with less than satisfying results, it is just human nature to look elsewhere for other options. You might try a time-honored alternative medicine practice that has been around for centuries. Most are well-proven and safe, and generally less expensive than more traditional methods. Herbs and tinctures are a common practice for healing chronic pain as are acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy.  You might also be drawn to the holistic side of medicine because of your religious or cultural beliefs. In any case, it is definitely becoming a more popular choice in Miami Beach, where there is a higher concentration of senior patients now open to less traditional methods. The husband and wife physician team of Emily Rowe and Christopher Estes of Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center, are medical doctors turned alternative medicine healers who became disenchanted with Western medicine. Some of the alternative therapies they provide include:


Chinese herbal medicine and therapies meld with modern Western diagnostic evaluations, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle modifications. One of the most popular today, acupuncture, makes use of fine needles to stimulate and heal the body’s energetic system which run along pathways called meridians. It is primarily used for conditions ranging from digestive disorder and colds to arthritis and autoimmune diseases.


Cupping, often performed along with acupuncture, utilizes small glass bulbs to stimulate healing. They work like a suction cup to loosen muscles, increase blood flow and calm the nervous system or clear lung congestion.

Gemstone Medicine

Crystals and gemstones have long been regarded as having mystical healing properties. These stones are most effective when placed alongside a patient to align their energetic meridians or chakras.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional methods. As they are not FDA approved, you must be sure to purchase your medicine from reputable manufacturers. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor who specializes in alternative medicine and homeopathic healing, like Miami Beach CWC, is the best way to insure your products are safe and effective.

Vitamin Infusions

The perfect ant-aging therapy, vitamin infusion is quickly growing in popularity especially with the senior set. They may be given by injection or an intravenous infusion as a direct way of delivering the vitamins you need to your body.


No longer a fad, but a true movement towards total body health, is the process of detoxification of certain parts of the body. The amount of body cleansing products on the market today can be staggering. This process, best left to a skilled alternative medicine physician, gets rid of toxins that can often be a major cause of chronic illness and gastrointestinal issues.

If you’re looking for an alternative medicine practice in Miami Beach, Miami Beach CWC specializes in whole-patient care with routine health screenings, management of chronic pain and gastrointestinal issues, and natural approaches to hormonal health and fertility concerns. Call them today at (305) 397-8229 and be on your way to total body and mind health.