How Do Stem Cell Injections in Miami Beach Combat Chronic Pain?

Stem Cell Injections Miami Beach


If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you’re not alone. For decades, people in America have been combating their chronic pain with surgeries and harmful pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, however, there are new and improved ways to deal with this common issue. Some are turning to medical marijuana, while others are looking into the latest and greatest medical technology. One of those discoveries includes stem cell injections in Miami Beach. If you’ve heard of stem cell therapy, but aren’t sure what to expect, keep reading!   


Understanding the Basics of Stem Cell Injections in Miami Beach   

First thing’s first, and that’s understanding the basics of stem cell injections. What are they? Stem cells are special cells in our bodies that are capable of renewing the surrounding areas, and multiplying when necessary. They’re magical, in the sense that they can transform into certain stem cells, wherever they’re placed. This has been useful for those who are suffering from injuries but need to heal. Instead of invasive surgeries, medical experts found that extracting these stem cells and placing them where regeneration is needed can cause fast-acting, self-renewal.   


How Does a Stem Cell Treatment Work?   

Now that we understand what they are, let’s dive into a standard procedure. Stem cells are taken from bone marrow or fat. Sometimes, there are donor cells available. After they are taken out, they are injected back into the body. While this seems counter-intuitive, they aren’t placed back into bones or back into fat. Instead, they’re placed into the areas where the pain is happening, or where an injury has occurred.   


Are There Risks to Stem Cell Injections?   

Fortunately, there are few risks to stem cell injections at this time. The only issue may be that when removing cells from fat, you’re also removing some from the skin. This can lead to infection is the medical experts aren’t careful. However, when in the hands of a professional team, you’ll be well-taken care of.   


Where to Have Stem Cell Injections in Miami Beach  

If you’re looking for stem cell injections, you’re in the right place. At Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center, we’re healers and physicians who rely on natural approaches. While we know there are plenty of methods out there for pain management, we believe that few are as effective, or as safe, as stem cell injections. We believe that conventional medicine is only part of the puzzle. The rest lies within cutting edge technology, and individualized treatment plans. Contact our team today at 305-397-8229 to see how we can help you when you need our assistance the most.