Newest Trends In Alternative Medicine Miami Beach

Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Centers

At Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Centers (MBCWC) we take whatever are the newest, hottest and most effective trends in alternative medicine very seriously! It’s so exciting to discover a new or revolutionary pathway to health and wellness for our valued clients. At MBCWC, alternative medicine s just one way of explaining what holistic health care means to us. Our alternative medicine is grounded in science and art and it begins at the intersection of Eastern and Western Medicine.    


Although the physician team of Dr. Emily Rowe and Dr. Christopher Estes created Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center, and we do diagnose and treat, at MBCWC our specialty is preventative medicine and healing our clients from the inside out. We are aligned with what the traditional field of alternative medicine provides, with the more mainstream forms of treatment and therapies such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Chinese or Oriental medicine.  

However, at Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Centers we offer an even broader scope of alternative medicine through comprehensive treatments and testing ranging from traditional medical exams to biomarker testing. We go beyond the world of conventional medicine, embracing the newest and best trends. Utilizing a customized, patient-focused approach, we dig deeper into the root causes of the health symptoms you are experiencing to formulate treatment personalized plans to optimize your health using a truly integrated approach.  


In fact, when it comes to alternative medicine and traditional medicine, or Eastern and Western medicine, sometimes they work so well together that we could even refer to our wellness center as a “Complementary Medicine” center. This kind of medicine is not a total abandonment of traditional Western medical practices but uses conventional treatments and prescription medication only when necessary, and as part of a larger treatment plan. As part of our ever-expanding understanding of science and the capacity for health and healing at Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Centers we like to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of the latest trends in all things alternative medicine. Here are some of the best new alternative medicine treatments available at MBCWC:  


  • Detoxification Treatments: At Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Centers Dr. Emily Rowe and Dr. Christopher Estes offer detoxification treatments. This is the process that helps your body to get rid of unwanted toxins, which is the leading cause of many chronic illnesses.  


  • Stem Cell injections: Stem cells have tremendous promise in the field of medicine to help us understand and treat a wide range of diseases, injuries, and other health-related conditions. The science around stem cells is developing all the time, but in essence, stem cells flow abundantly through your bloodstream, reaching every organ to become whatever type of cell is needed to maintain the health of each one.   


  • PRP Injections: Dr. Emily Rowe and Dr. Christopher Estes love using PRP therapy because of its vast options in holistically treating patients. PRP is a rapidly emerging technique that is showing exciting potential with not only facial rejuvenation but all kinds of injuries from orthopedic injuries, arthritis to tendonitis, ankle and ligament sprains and much more. PRP injections are withdrawn from your blood and are growth factors not stem cells.   


  • Mold Toxicity treatments: Here at Miami Beach CWC we are highly concerned with detoxifying and treating patients who have been battling toxic mold health issues which is very common in Miami Beach. The thriving metropolis of South Florida is surrounded by mold inducing environments. Mold produces spores, which release ‘mycotoxins’ that block or deplete antioxidants. After removing yourself from the contaminated environment, we can treat toxic mold exposure with a variety of modalities and therapies.  



At Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness, we pride ourselves on providing patients with the newest and safest innovations available in alternative medicine today. Dr. Emily Rowe and her husband, Dr. Christopher Estes are the dynamic doctor duo making waves in Miami Beach thanks to their commitment to health and wellness from the inside out, and effectively combining the worlds of health and beauty into their wellness center. Call today to see how some of the newest trends can provide your much-needed self-care and keep you at your optimal best.