Understanding What There is to Know About Chinese Medicine in Miami Beach

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We’ve all heard about Chinese Medicine, but many of us are unsure of what all it entails. Chinese medicine in Miami Beach and beyond has been around for thousands of years. Passed down from ancient teaching to modern-day approaches, this traditional method of healing involves holistic, mind, body, and spirit techniques designed to make people feel better. Chinese medicine is based on the idea that energy, otherwise known as, “qi”, flows along pathways that are known as meridians. When we’re feeling happy, healthy, rested, and complete, the energy is flowing through these meridians with ease. If this flow is blocked, we experience pain, emotional upsets, illnesses, and more. Imbalances can be created through elements such as wind, cold, heat, emotions, joy, fear, anger, diets, sleep, and alcohol. In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the top Chinese medicine practices offered at Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center. Keep reading to learn more! 


Acupuncture is Considered a Form of Chinese Medicine

Most, if not all of us, have heard about acupuncture. This ancient treatment is used to test the energetic flow within the meridians of the body. Using small, non-invasive needles, they’re put into the energy centers. This practice helps the energy in the body to restore, blocks to be cleared, and people to heal from illnesses such as digestive orders, colds, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and so much more. It’s also often used to conjunction with other practices, including cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, and herbal medicine. The art of Chinese medicine is that it isn’t meant to be a stand-alone procedure, though many people do this. It can be used in addition to other common Chinese medicinal practices, targeted towards restoring a person’s health and wellness. 



Moxibustion is oftentimes closely intertwined with acupuncture. A natural herb, dried mugwort, is burned close to the body, which then stimulates blood flow and increases the body’s Qi through its warmth. The practice is quite simple. The practitioner holds a moxa stick near the surface of the skin, and it is then held over certain areas that seem to be blocked. This is why the moxa stick is used so closely with acupuncture as the needles and the heat work to release any pressure points and blocks. Commonly, it’s used for arthritis, pain, digestive issues, pregnancy, and more. 



Have you ever seen the photos people post of the large red circles across their backs? While it looks painful, this is actually an ancient Chinese art otherwise known as cupping. Also used in conjunction with acupuncture, this practice is used for deep tissue healing. It’s used to calm the nervous system, clear lung congestions, increase blood flow, and loosen tight muscles. Often times, athletes will use this as a preventative and healing procedure. 


Gua Sha 

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine approach that has recently found a home in the health and beauty industry. A small tool is designed to move the energy around within the body and is usually rubbed along the skin in small or large strokes. Enough pressure is applied to create tension, and perhaps even minor bruising. The benefits include training muscle pain, tension, increase blood flow, and has a history of reducing chronic pain and inflammation. 


Gemstone Medicine 

Crystals have become a common element in everyone’s homes, but did you know that they actually come with a plethora of healing elements? In Chinese medicine, crystals of different varieties hold unique healing properties. For example, a selenite stick is used to strengthen the energetic release of other crystals, and it’s also great for clearing out stuck energy within the body. Rose quartz is often used for matters of the heart. These crystals are laid beside the patient during the procedure to align energetic meridians and promote higher levels of healing. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Last, but not least, Chinese medicine is a prescription for patients. These remedies are made from herbal elements, plants, and sometimes minerals. 


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