What Is Lyme Disease? A Guide

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Lyme disease is an infectious disease. If you don’t treat it and ignore it for a long time, it may even become a severe disease that can cause arthritis. 

The disease can even lead to nervous system issues. To cure or prevent it, you must first know the basics. What are some causes of Lyme Disease, common symptoms to look out for, its diagnosis, and a few tips to prevent the disease?

If you’re searching for a quick guide on Lyme Disease, this session is an ideal place to start.

What Causes Lyme Disease? 

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria “Borrelia Burgdorferi. The bacteria enter your body when infected black-legged or deer ticks bite you. Ticks feed on mice, birds, and deer. If they catch infections during their feed, they transmit those bacteria in you after they bite you. 

The tick must remain in your skin for around 36 hours or more for them to transfer the bacteria into you. That’s one reason why most patients don’t remember getting recent tick bites.

Living in forests, near nature, or in wooded areas increases the risk of catching Lyme Disease. In addition, if you have pets and take them on walks in the forests, that boosts your chances of receiving Lyme Disease.   

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease To Look Out For

After knowing the causes of Lyme Disease, you must recognize the signs of the disease. That helps you book your Lyme Disease testing immediately and treat it better. 

Early Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  • Extreme rash

You will experience rash three days later as a result of the infected tick bite. The rash can even appear after three days but within 30 days of the bite. You will feel rashes that are white in the center and redder towards the outer. These blotches increase over the days. The uniqueness of these rashes is that they are usually not itchy. But these red areas feel warmer than your overall skin. 

  • Additional Symptoms 

Not everyone with Lyme Disease experiences the rash. So, you must observe other signs of the disease as well. They can include headaches, swelling of your lymph nodes, high fever, disturbed sleep, and stiff neck.

Later Signs Of Lyme Disease 

Ignoring the early signs can alleviate the aches and cause more acute symptoms. Swollen and aching joints and short concentration are a few of these signs. Are you unable to concentrate on something because your brain vessels hurt, or do you feel intense weakness in your muscles? It’s high time you book for Lyme Disease Testing and visit the nearest hospital. 

Diagnosis And Treatment

If you experience any early or later signs of Lyme disease, you must schedule an appointment with medical experts for the testing. Once you get the results, your doctor can prescribe medication accordingly. 

If handled in earlier stages, you need a 2-week oral antibiotic course to treat the diseases. If you don’t treat it right away, you may develop Lyme arthritis- a condition that requires a 28-day oral antibiotic course. 

Though, ideally, why suffer through additional two weeks when you can cure the disease within 14 days? That is why knowing the early symptoms and treatments are always better options. 

How To Prevent Lyme Disease 

Nothing can guarantee complete safety from disease. However, you can still lower down the risks of getting Lyme Disease. Here are a few helpful tips to follow:

  • Make sure to cover yourself with insect-repelling sprays and lotions. 
  • Don’t delve deeper into the woods. If you’re out in the woodland, it’s safer to remain away from high grass and woods. 
  • Be punctual about checking your clothes and your pet’s fur for ticks 
  • If you find ticks, remove them with tweezers right away. 

How To Diagnose Lyme Disease

An early diagnosis of Lyme Disease is crucial. Once you know if you have the disease or not, you can get effective treatments right away. That helps minimize the damage of the disease on your body and offers you more time to recover your health and immune system. 

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