Where Should I Seek Hair Restoration Treatment in Miami Beach?

PRP for Hairloss Miami Beach

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment?

Many men and women over time,  struggle with male and female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata. If you’re in the Miami Beach area and struggle with pattern hair loss or alopecia areata, don’t lose help! With the Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center, we have a hair loss treatment option that has already helped hundreds of people! The treatment option is called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment and is used for hair restoration for both male and female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata.


The PRP Hair Restoration Process

The PRP hair restoration process begins by drawing a small amount of your blood to be placed into a centrifuge, which will then separate the blood from the plasma. Blood with platelets and other substances like stem cells is injected into the areas of thinning hair or hair loss in the scalp. Although this sounds like a difficult procedure, it is actually extremely safe and after multiple sessions, all of your hair will reach the growth stage.


Why Are Multiple Sessions Important?

Multiple sessions for PRP for hair restoration are essential to the process of re-growing both the hair and the hair follicles. To understand why let’s look at the stages that hair goes through. There’s the dormant stage, the growth stage, and the shedding stage. By treating the hair follicles and surrounding area while in the dormant stage, your hair follicles are will return stronger and fuller during the growth stage. The reason PRP Hair Restoration takes multiple sessions is to ensure all the hair follicles have been injected so you get all of your hair to re-grow.


Alternative Medicine Practices

Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center doesn’t just provide PRP Hair Restoration treatment but also specializes in alternative medicine methods. Alternative medicine practices have been around since the dawn of time and provide natural healing to both physical and mental issues. The reason Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center provides alternative medicine practices is because the husband and wife physician duo were both medical doctors who chose to be alternative medicine healers after becoming disenchanted with Western medicine. Some of the alternative therapies they provide include:



Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that uses fine needles to stimulate and heal the body’s energetic system which runs along pathways called meridians. It is primarily used for conditions ranging from digestive disorder and colds to arthritis and autoimmune diseases.



Cupping has been popularized by collegiate and professional athletes but has been around for years. Cupping utilizes small glass bulbs to stimulate healing. The glass bulbs act similarly to suction cups to loosen muscles, increase blood flow and calm the nervous system or clear lung congestion.


Gemstone Medicine

Both crystals and gemstones have been known to possess mystical healing properties that ease tension in both an individual’s mind and body. These stones are most effective when placed alongside a patient to align their energetic meridians or chakras.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional methods. Although not FDA approved, choosing a professional alternative medicine doctor will ensure you are purchasing the right herbs and medicine. Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center is your professional alternative medicine doctor in Miami Beach. We are ready to aid you in alternative medicine and homeopathic healing.



Some may consider detoxification to be a fad, but detoxification is actually apart of achieving total body health. By detoxing, your body can get rid of toxins that may play a role in chronic illness and gastrointestinal issues. Our alternative medicine physicians are experts in removing toxins from your body with greater success than any over-the-counter product.


Whether you are seeking PRP Hair Restoration treatment or looking to explore alternative medicine options, come in today to speak to the husband and wife alternative medicine physician duo! Both Dr. Emily Rowe and Dr. Christopher Estes are excited to offer the public wholesome wellness approaches to treat their hair loss, injuries, or chronic pain. To schedule a consultation with either Dr. Rowe or Dr. Estes, please call Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center at (305) 397-8229 today. A healthy and happy life awaits!