Why PRP for Hairloss in Miami Beach Actually Works

PRP for Hairloss Miami Beach

You may have heard of a treatment called PPR for hair loss in Miami Beach, and if you are suffering from hair loss, it might be a good option for you. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for hair restoration has shown quite a lot of promise for those who are struggling with hair loss caused by male and female pattern hair loss and alopecia areata.

How is PRP Hair Restoration Done?

The PRP hair restoration treatment is done by having a small amount of your blood drawn, and then placed into a centrifuge, which will separate the blood and the plasma. Next, the blood that contains the platelets and other substances, such as stem cells, is injected into the scalp around the areas that have thinning hair or hair loss. It may sound like a difficult procedure, but it is actually very safe when done in a proper setting.

Why Does PRP Hair Restoration Work?

Once the blood sample is separated, there will be a layer that contains platelets, stem cells, and other substances that will help with the growth of new cells (as well as hair!). The regrowth of the hair follicles can lead to hair production. The growth factors within the blood can also help with the formation of new blood vessels.

It is important to note that for the procedure to take full effect, you will need several treatments over time, and a few maintenance treatments can help keep the regrown hair to continue to flourish and stay healthy.

Why Are Multiple Sessions Important?

Multiple sessions for PRP for hair restoration are essential to the process of regrowing both the hair and the hair follicles. Since hair goes through several stages, your doctor will need to repeat the procedure a few times so it can be assured that it has all been covered. For example, hair’s stages include the dormant stage, the growth stage, and the shedding stage. It is important to treat the hair follicles and surrounding area while in the dormant stage, right before growth is ready; this can take several sessions to make sure that none are missed.

Is PRP Hair Restoration Permanent?

While PRP for hair restoration works remarkably well, if you don’t keep up on regular treatments once you have reached your desired results, it is possible for the hair loss to return.

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