CharaCore® Regenerative Medicine Products: “Stem Cells”

We are excited to announce that starting in July 2023, the Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center will be carrying CharaCore® placental-derived tissue regenerative medicine products. These are commonly called “stem cells” in layman’s terms.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are present in every living human. Stem cells carry out two major processes that other cells types do not:

  • They continuously renew and divide to replicate themselves. Other cells can replicate, but have limited life spans.
  • They can create differentiated cells to replenish and repair specific cells types.

Because these cells have the remarkable potential to renew themselves and to recreate functional tissues, stem cells can help the body to regenerate and to renew.

Where do CharaCore® stem cells come from?

These stem cells are obtained from the placenta of healthy newborn babies. Because they are not derived from embryos or fetuses, there are no ethical issues. CharaCore® products are processed in a FDA-registered and inspected laboratory in the United States that adheres to cGMP guidelines.

All tissues are sourced from live, healthy U.S.-based donors after elective C-section delivery. Donors are selected based on stringent criteria after screening for multiple disease processes and infections. Birth tissue are obtained only through Cesarean section (thus assuring sterility). None of the donors (mothers or newborns) have received a COVID-19 vaccination.

Testing is done to rule out infection with the following: HIV I/II Ab: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types I & II Antibody, RPR: Syphilis, HIV/HCV/HBV NAT: Human Immunodeficiency/Hepatitis C/B HBs Ag: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen HCV Ab: Hepatitis C Virus Antibody HTLV I/II: Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Antibody, CMV total Antibody, West Nile Virus, NAT Zika, NAT Borrelia burgdorferi: Lyme Disease, Candida albicans, Aspergillus brasiliensis, Bacillus subtilis Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium species, E. coli, streptococcus pyogenes (group A strep.), enterococcus, fungi (mold or yeast phase).


But, isn’t it better to use my own stem cells? Rather than someone else’s stem cells?

Not necessarily!

Cells from the placentas of newborns are more pristine, more metabolically active, with faster rates of self-renewal, and wider ranges of differentiation. Because these cells are young, they secrete more growth factors, have longer telomeres, and have slower senescence (rates of aging). These newborn cells lack the accumulation of lifelong cellular damages which occur in adults, who have gone through oxidative stress, radiation, or other toxic exposures associated with living and aging. The cells are highly rich in cytokines & growth factors, many of which are no longer present in adult tissue sources and therefore, they have more anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective effects.

Also, when you use your own stem cells (“autologous stem cells”), your stem cells must be harvested through a medical procedure. This medical procedure is invasive and potentially painful with risks of scarring, infection and bleeding. You also deplete your own pool of stem cells in the process.

Could there be an immune rejection if the cells are not HLA-typed and matched with the patient?

A baby’s immune system is not fully developed when they are born. The cells contained in CharaCore® products are young, pristine cells from the placenta of newborn babies. They do not possess the surface proteins known as HLA Class II markers. HLA Class II markers are the parts of a cell which can trigger an immune reaction by the recipient. This is what happens when a organ transplant is rejected. In the case of CharaCore’s® stem cell product, this type of HLA Class II reaction cannot happen because the cells do not express the proteins which cause it.

However, they do contain surface proteins which are important to mark the cells as human. These are known as HLA Class I proteins. This allows the recipient’s body and immune system to recognize the cells as human and accept them. The Class I markers help to differentiate the stem cells from bacteria, viruses or parasites. Numerous research trials from around the world over the past decade has demonstrated that birth tissue-derived stem cell products are extremely safe.

Are these cells expanded?

No. None of the CharaCore® product have gone through an "expansion" process. Cell expansion is against FDA guidelines, and such expanded cell specimens can only be used for research purposes, not for clinical use. There is research evidence that unexpanded, or "native”, cells are 10 times more potent. In other words, it requires 10 times as many cells to achieve the same results when the cells have been cultured and expanded.

Is 3rd party testing performed on CharaCore® products?

CharaCore® provides the highest cell concentration & viability compared to other cord tissue-based products in the U.S. CharaCore® also provides more complete cell types and abundant cytokines/growth factors due to its delicate extraction process which allows for more therapeutic agents to be preserved.

CharaCore® regenerative products have high viability and they are remarkably rich in Medical Signaling Cells (MSCs): at least 20% of the cells in CharaCore® are MSCs. Most of competing products contain only 1% MSC content. The lower content in competitor products is because they are derived from umbilical cord blood only. CharaCore® is derived from multiple tissues: umbilical cord, placenta and umbilical cord blood.

We will be happy to provide the 3rd party testing results upon request.

What is the dosage and how often should I do stem cells?

The number of vials that you need depends upon both your body size and your health status. A medical stem cell consultation is required to determine your particular dosage of stem cells and how often you should receive stem cells for your particular health goals.

If you are interested in stem cell treatment, please set up a stem-cell consultation with our front desk.

If you would like to read more about CharaCore®, this is the link to their website:

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