MBCWC Service Policies

MBCWC does not accept any form of insurance.  We are NOT a concierge practice.  We are a fee-for-service practice, which means that you pay for each service that we provide, at the time of service.  All services, labs and products are self-pay and payment is due at the time of service.  All lab work must be completed through our office. 

We will provide you with a superbill of services, which you can to submit yourself to your insurance.  We cannot guarantee or predict the amount of reimbursement or credit towards your deductible.  Nor do we have any control over what an insurance company will or will not cover.  We also don’t have the staffing expertise to contact insurance companies or to make appeals, as we don’t employ any professional billing services. 

Some of our diagnoses and treatment methods are not recognized by conventional medicine, however this does not mean that the diagnosis and treatment methods are not valid, merely unrecognized.  Unrecognized diagnosis codes and treatment methods will most likely not be covered. 

MBCWC is an Integrative Medicine consultant private practice.  We are not a primary care office. 

We do not maintain a 24-hour call coverage system and we do not have admitting privileges, or oversee care at any hospital.  As such, we recommend that all patients maintain a relationship with a primary care provider and any other specialty providers, as needed. Maintenance of prescriptions recommended by other providers must be renewed through the original prescriber’s office.



We practice a complete spectrum of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, gemstone medicine, and Chinese herbal medicine. TCM treatments generally incorporate one or more modalities for a comprehensive, holistic treatment.

Acupuncture Miami Beach

We offer vitamin injections and infusions for a wide variety of conditions. These may be given directly into the vein, by an intravenous (IV) infusion, or as an injection under the skin.  They are a direct way of delivering vitamins to your body.  This is a great option for people who have difficulties absorbing nutrients due to a variety of digestive issues.  It also accelerates restoration of nutrients in those with nutritional deficiencies. 

Medical clearance is required for all IV therapies at our office, as IV therapies are not appropriate for everyone.


Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach to diagnosis and healing. It focuses on holistic remedies, treating the body as a unified system, a holistic organism, as opposed to as an isolated set of organs. We employ functional medicine for gynecology and for general health and chronic disease. Functional medicine is highly effective for treating autoimmune diseases and chronic pain.

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Ozonation Therapy Miami Beach



We offer a full array of ozonation therapies including major autohemotherapy (MAH), EBOO (extracorporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation) and prolozone injections. Ozonation is useful for a wide variety of medical problems as well as athletic performance and health maintenance.


There are herbal remedies for nearly every symptom or condition.  In an herbal consultation, a medical history will be taken and the appropriate physical exam will be performed.  Labs or imaging studies will be taken into account, as well.  Any pharmaceutical medications will be considered regarding drug-herb interactions.    Herbs are uniquely prescribed for each person based upon clinical presentation and an individual's constitution.  Chinese herbs are usually given as a formula with multiple herbs working synergistically to achieve a therapeutic result and may be modified for an individual's unique circumstances.


In PRP, we draw a small amount of blood from the client’s arm into a single-use laboratory blood tube.  Then we centrifuge the blood and the heavier red blood cells fall to the bottom of the tube, and what is left at the top is PRP (platelet rich plasma).  Platelet rich plasma contains a number of biologically active compounds that promote healing.  Then, the patient’s own PRP is injected back into the area that needs healing.  PRP is helpful with any type of joint pain,  hair restoration and facial rejuvenation.

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Chelation (pronounced "Key-lation") is the medical process of removing metals from the blood stream.  It is a special type of detoxification therapy.  Chelation is especially helpful in treatment of elevated mercury or lead.  There is also documentation that it can help cardiovascular disease.  In the TACT trial, "a total of 1,708 patients were randomized, 839 to chelation and 869 to placebo, and 853 to high-dose vitamins and 855 to placebo. The primary composite outcome of death, MI, stroke, coronary revascularization, and hospitalization for angina at 5 years was significantly lower in the chelation therapy arm as compared with the placebo arm (26.5% vs. 30%; hazard ratio [HR] 0.82, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.69-0.99, p = 0.035)."  We offer IV chelation in certain circumstances, after a functional medicine consultation with labs.

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Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the body.  Detoxification is a naturally occurring process, however if you have genetic impairment in detox abilities and/or have an excess toxic exposure, you might need medical help to physiologically remove toxins.  Each individual has a unique ability to process toxins.  Some people can easily detoxify one substance, like caffeine, but may have trouble with another substance, like mercury.  This is based upon genetics, environmental influences, lifestyle and toxic burden.  Toxins are a major cause of chronic illness, and ridding your body of them is a key to good health.  We offer a variety of detoxification options, including supplements, IV therapies, and ozonation therapies.

Medical clearance is required for all detoxification therapies at our office, as detox is not medically appropriate in certain situations.



Acutonics is a system of sound healing which uses the principles of Chinese Medicine combined with Jungian Psychology, Planetary Archetypes and Frequencies to achieve balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.  Sound instruments including tuning forks, chimes, sound bowls, drums and gongs are used on and around the client's body, enveloping the client in a vibrational cocoon.  Each session is individualized for the client's needs.  The experience induces a deep state of relaxation and meditation and is useful to assist the treatment of many complaints including pain, depression, anxiety,  and gastrointestinal issues.  Acutonics may be done as sole treatment or in conjunction with other modalities, such as acupuncture or a vitamin infusion.  Acutonics is excellent treatment for balancing Psycho-Spiritual-Emotional issues.  It harmonizes the microcosm with the macrocosm.

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Testing is an effective way of looking inside the body to see what’s really happening below the surface. We utilize cutting-edge laboratory testing from Infectolab, Genova Diagnostics, ZRT labs, Precision Point Diagnostics, Diagnostic Solutions, Precision Analytical, Vibrant America and other alternative labs to help make the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

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