Acutonics Level I -July 2023

Sound Gates to Meridian Harmonics Description

3 Days: Saturday July 1, 2023- Monday July 3, 2023. 10am-6pm ET

This foundational class introduces the philosophy and cosmology of the Acutonics® integrative care methodology, while illuminating its scientific roots. The class explores the cross-cultural use of sound and its healing potential, the relationship between the human body and sound, and how to work with acupuncture points, meridian pathways, and areas of pain to improve health and well-being. Students develop expanded clinical skills by exploring a wide variety of conditions. In addition, we examine the concepts of cellular memory, sound imprinting, and the role of the Kidney as the guardian of our
primordial Qi, all within the context of an East Asian medical model. The course also introduces new insights into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which provide a powerful therapeutic gateway for hands on work.

You will learn how to find acupoints, palpate, and apply precision-calibrated tuning forks, using the Acutonics® Earth/Moon Professional and Solar 7th Sets. An introduction to the principals of the Five Elements will help students develop an understanding of the relationship of these tools to the cycles of nature, the organ and meridian systems, the emotional body, and the archetypal qualities of the heavenly bodies. Students learn to implement effective treatment protocols using the Extraordinary Vessels, the Microcosmic Orbit, the Windows to the Sky points, the Three Treasures, and other
acupoints rich in therapeutic benefits.

3 Day Class (24 hours)

Required for Associate Acutonics® Practitioner certification.
Prerequisites: None. Everyone is welcome to join us!

NCCAOM Provider #175, 24 PDA's, CAB Provider #1278, 24 CE's 

You may purchase Acutonics® tuning forks from us. However, no purchases are required to take the class.